I'm Matt Roth, a Baltimore Photographer. I've decided to make this my curatorial tumblr page. This is where I'll do all my sharing & hearting!
If you wanna see a steady stream of my stuff, it'll be at
  • thekhooll:

    Algis Griškevičius

    some of the coolest, weirdest stuff I’ve seen in a while. 

    (Source: archatlas)

  • lomographicsociety:

    Seeing the Beauty of Destruction in Seung-Hwan Oh’s ‘Impermanence’

    In this follow-up, in-depth exclusive interview, Seoul, South Korea-based photographer and filmmaker Seung-Hwan Oh discusses the inspiration behind his ongoing photographic series “Impermanence” and the painstaking process that goes along with it. http://bit.ly/1rirkU0

  • benjaminrasmussen:


    Benjamin Rasmussen went to Ferguson.

    More of my images from Ferguson. Thanks to the Mossless crew for the support!

  • this-represents:

    New campaign for Chevrolet photographed by Nicholas Maggio. @nicholasmaggio #thisrepresents

  • startabby:





    Water Tricks That’ll Melt Your Mind - Video


    Alex, I’ll take “witchcraft” for $1200.

    What a neat demonstration of the mysterious things that can be done with water and science.

  • patjarrett:

    Green Bank Telescope at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia. Photographed on Fuji Neopan 100 on a Mamiya RB67. 
    Photo copyright 2014 Pat Jarrett.

  • stephenvoss:

    Pentax 645D Test
    August 2014

  • mattnager:

    And the pot continues…

    A few from a story on the “glam and glitz” of the pot world and women business owners in the industry. Shot for Marie Claire UK.

  • Go Away! …go here instead.

    I’ve decided to close down this tumblr site. …well, put it on pause, really. i

    Here’s where the new party’s at: http://mattrothphoto.tumblr.com


    Well, first of all, lets be honest, foreverwaitingforchecks is a dumb name. Also, it’s just a regurgitation of my instagram feed — which is @mattrothphoto. That handle is also my twitter feed and the meaty part of my website, http://mattrothphoto.com and blog ( http://mattrothphoto.com/blog ) and photoshelter site: http://mattrothphoto.photoshelter.com 

    you see a pattern here? 

    Less is more, right? no reason to neglect two tumblr feeds. 

    October 3 – 2 Notes
    #new tumblr
    #dead site