You like Mascots? Who doesn’t? You like underdogs? Then let me introduce you to Rooty! He’s one of the stars of the new Hulu original documentary series “Behind the Mask.” His civilian name is Michael Hotstetter, and he’s a student at Lebanon High School, in Lebanon, PA. The doc is great! — and I might be biased, but I think he’s the best storyline. 

I’ve decided to close down this tumblr site. …well, put it on pause, really. i

Here’s where the new party’s at:


Well, first of all, lets be honest, foreverwaitingforchecks is a dumb name. Also, it’s just a regurgitation of my instagram feed — which is @mattrothphoto. That handle is also my twitter feed and the meaty part of my website, and blog ( ) and photoshelter site: 

you see a pattern here? 

Less is more, right? no reason to neglect two tumblr feeds. 

Washed & dried some brand new #red towels. #lint (at Remington)

#photoville !!! (at photoville)

Emily at the #DonaldWebber #interrogations exhibit at #Photoville (at Photoville | RaiseART)

Gotta love it when PR dudes are willing to sit in for #portrait tests. #coolstuffonassignment

#afaceineverything #steak #shrimp #forkedup (at Funck’s Family Restaurant)

#merica! #coolstuffonassignment #americana #usa (at Annville American Legion)

#afaceineverything #coffee #tears (at The Food Market)

Who’s a cute Frackin couple!?!